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Michael Tsarion Video Response 10: Free Will and Free Choice: Conclusion

13 April 2009

Alright. So in this video is the conclusion with regards to what we have discussed so far. And I’d suggest: Test what we have actually Practically proven to ourselves – for yourself. And to consider what we have discussed so far, because what we’ve realized in what we’ve applied just on those few points, is: what manifests is Actual Real Self-Change. And that Change will within the Living-Becoming and the Expression of Self AS that: Change the World.

Because we’ve created this world within how we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to exist. And within changing who we are, how we exist in all ways: we change the world; one by one so to speak.

Oh, another point with regards to the principle of – the acceptance and allowance of “free will” and “free choice” is, suggested to look at it for self within self: Have a look at what is it that I justify within another within stating that “it is their right to do so as they will, as they please, as they want – within the principle of ‘free will”; And have a look within self where self is actually accepting and allowing self to exist as such acts, doings or sayings; And how is it that we are creating our own demise within accepting and allowing the illusion of “free will”.

Because what we´ve found is that, as I’ve stated, we are hiding our own dishonesties within “free will”, within the illusion of free will – to continue existing in self-dishonesty within the light of self-interest, in protecting and defending our own Ego and survival. That we’ve used free will, abused free will to continue our self-definition within self-interest, survival – as Ego. And the only way that we are going to actually change this world is if we all exist Equal and One; if we are all actually really Equal and One – meaning that I am actually Equal and One as all and everything that exist; that I become the Living-Expression of All as Equal as One.

Within that Principle, within Living that Principle Absolutely in Self-Honesty and CommonSense, Life emerge – which is beyond anything and anyone as it exist currently and as what it exist currently. And to simply Stop all acceptances and allowances within self, all justifications, all ways and means behind which we hide to protect our own Egos, to protect our own self-interest, to protect our own survival. To Stop existing within survival and to actually start Living!

That’s the key: Living!

Not trying or attempting to survive, not trying or attempting to protect/defend our own Ego of self-interest through means such as the illusion of free will, of allowing and accepting certain things within another because we actually secretly want to continue doing it within ourselves.

Also the point of Ego: test it for yourself. Try and attempt to change the Ego as a separate entity that exists out there somewhere within yourself.

And then walk the process of actually changing you AS Ego. Therein you will find the definitive Real Actual Self-Change. The point of Polarity: test it for yourself. Try and live only Good, be only Good. And realize the amount of effort and energy and focus that is required to go into that, to maintain that: that it becomes a maintenance, not a point of Living! And to completely disengage self from the whole Design of Polarity as Good and Evil – to not exist as the definition of either Good or Evil; but simply to walk in Self-Honesty Equal and One Here.

Alright. So, I’d say those are the few primary points that we´d suggest Michael Tsarion to consider and have a look at, because it will most certainly make his work a lot more penetrable within human beings as they practically walk their life-experience in this world. Because that’s where we require to focus on: is Human Beings – and to have them be able to assist and support themselves practically to change themselves, because no one, as I’ve said, can change anyone. Each one must and will change themselves, for themselves, and not for anything or anyone else but themselves; That we must assist and support ourselves first effectively, before we can actually assist and support another effectively in Self-Honesty – but living an example. Because in the very point of being an example, already you find a change. So by by living examples all become a living example of themselves.

And through us actually really changing ourselves, thus we change the world, because we are the world, the world is us.

Alright. Thank you                    ©