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Michael Tsarion Video Response 2: Ego

13 April 2009

So, we’re continuing with Michael Tsarion and insights and perspectives, suggested insights and perspectives to consider, to form and make what it is that he’s currently living and working on, practically effective for human beings from, within the principle of actual real self-change that penetrate the actual real change of this world.

So we ended off with the Ego in the previous interview and this is the point that we’ll be discussing within this interview; is Ego.

What we found with regards to Ego, and this is within our own processes that we practically walk and have walked. We’ve realised that if we separate ourselves from the Ego, meaning seeing the Ego as a separate design, a separate manifestation, a separate being, a separate system; we had, within that acceptance of seeing the Ego as something separate from self – actually perpetuated and worsened the entire manifested design of and as the Ego.

Meaning, no matter how much we approached the point of Ego it didn’t go away, it didn’t stop, it didn’t cease to exist within ourselves and within that, we for a moment stopped and we looked at, within asking the question: But, where does the Ego come from?

What we’ve realised and saw within that, is that we’ve created the Ego. The Ego is a part of self that self has created and designed. So within that; if I am the Creator, the Creation is Me. In others words if I created the Ego, the Ego that I’ve created of myself is Me, and that within me separating myself from that design, from that manifestation of the Ego that I created, I’m actually within that point of separation, actually feeding the Ego, actually perpetuating the Ego itself, because I’m moving myself to there, I’m moving myself into the design or manifestation of the Ego. Im not working on me, myself that is Here.

And so what we did is, we realised that, currently if the Ego exist, I exist as the Ego and, it is not about me changing the Ego as a separate manifested design or system; it is me actually changing myself as the Ego. And that’s what we found where many, many of the points are being missed: is that, currently that what we exist as is Ego, Ego being but one design of the entire mind manifestation.

We’ve found that, we’ve designed the Ego as a separate manifested projection of self, and that Ego exist within the mind-head region wherein we’ve created this entire mind manifested reality of beliefs, interpretations, perceptions, ideas of ourselves; so  the Ego contain all of that, and we exist within this definition of ourselves as Ego, which is not the actuality of who we are Here. It is simply a projection, a part of ourselves in which we separated ourselves.

And…so, what we did is we walked the process of realising: Alright, currently I’m accepting and allowing myself to exist as Ego. What is Ego? Ego is all the beliefs, ideas, interpretations, projections, definitions, feelings, emotions – everything of self, that self experience self to be, but is not Real, it’s not actual, its not factual, its not…a liveable, equal and one expression of Who I am. It’s simply a concoction of literal projected interpretations.

So, we took the whole design of Ego and we changed ourselves as it, meaning we stopped all beliefs, all ideas, all judgments, all interpretations of self through a process of self forgiveness and self honesty and practical corrective action, and actually changed ourselves as the Ego. And within that change the Actual Self stands-up, so to speak, steps forth and you realise: But, Oh my God I’m not this Ego. This Ego design was an illusion I created of myself.

And the main point we found with Ego is that it’s original design comes from beings interpreting other beings’ views of yourself, and within that you create ideas, perceptions, beliefs of yourself. In other words let’s say for example a being would walk by and look at you, and within that, you’d interpret the look a certain way for example, Oh my god, that being looked at me in disgust. And then a point of perception, self perception, self judgement, self interpretation comes up of; What’s wrong with me? Why did I get a disgusting look? Have I done something wrong? And then all those ideas, perceptions, beliefs, ideas come up and from that the whole belief of self, definition of self, idea of self is created, through interpreting other beings’ actions, words, behaviours, mannerisms.

The point I would suggest to consider with regards to Ego is that Ego is not a separate design, a separate manifestation being or entity within us, it is us. We’ve actually believed ourselves to be Ego to such an extent that we’re actually living it, we’ve become it, in actuality. And to stop the Ego from existing, to actually cease it’s existence is to cease allowing ourselves to continue existing within Ego. We have to stop ourselves as it. In it’s entirety. And that is a process.

And so, I’ve heard with regards to Michael’s perpective on Ego that it’s a creature, of sorts, existing within beings. I would suggest to him to consider the point that Ego is actually an accepted and allowed self definition that is lived as Self and thus Self must change As Ego. Completely and entirely. Because in that the actual Self steps forth and Ego disappears.

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