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Michael Tsarion Video Response 6: Polarity: Good and Evil – Conclusion

13 April 2009

Hi, in the previous interview we ended off with regards to the discussion on Polarity. The Polarity of Good and Evil and our insights and perspectives with regards to how we approached the actual Design of Polarity within which we realised that it is us, ourselves, that existed as Polarity.

In other words, we actually lived Polarity as Good and as Evil. We existed as Good and as Evil. And how we stopped existing as Good and as Evil through utilizing Simple Common Sense within the Principle of Self-Honesty in considering all and everything Equal and One.

Thus within that we completely ceased ourselves as the existence of the definition of ourselves as Good. And the desire to be Good. And stopped the entire complete existence of ourselves as Evil, as a definition of Evil.

Because we realised that Good and Evil were simply definitions that we lived of ourselves with simply desires and fears as parts of ourselves that we’ve separated ourselves from and that we’ve created a literal Polarity-manifestation of, within which we constantly, continuously were on a literal battle-ground within ourselves through the whole Polarity-Design-manifestation of Good and Evil,

and therefore to Stop Self from existing within constant Polarity within Stopping the existence of Polarity in itself, such as for example with Good and Evil. Stop Self from existing as it. And simply consider that it’s not about being Good or Evil, simply what is required to Live is Self-Honest Common Sense and not be defined by Good (and) or Evil, but Live the actual Principle of Who We Are as Equal and One. In that no Polarity exists, because you’re Equal and One. No definition exists because you’re Simply Living Self-Honesty. No perceptions ideas, beliefs, interpretations exists because you’re simply Living Common Sense which is direct insight immediately, Here.

Alright. So, within that what we’ve observed within Michael Tsarion’s work is the primary point that will assist him greatly is taking into consideration this Design-manifestation of Polarity. Because the, the…the point of Polarity is what is effecting his work from a perspective of not yet penetrating an actual Practical Real Solution that take into consideration, the Being, and everything and all else Equal and One. In other words, because as I’ve explained within the Design-manifestation of Polarity, if you only focus on Good, and want to fight, resist or diminish or shun away Evil, you’re still creating Evil, you’re still accepting Evil. And within existing within that whole Polarity-Design of Good and Evil, both always win, from a certain perspective. Because both are always Polarising themselves in wanting to Balance themselves out, so it’s a constant win, lose, win, lose, win, lose, win, lose. There’s no constant consistent Stable Expression that is Here = and I find that, that is what he is suggesting within his communication to human beings, to not fight, to not resist (but) to simply change. But, I would suggest to consider that one cannot change if one exist in Polarity, because you’ll always exist within Polarity within the Law of Balance that exists within it, but to simply Stop existing in Polarity in its entirety, consider Simple Self-Honesty Here, Simple, Direct, Immediate, Common Sense and taking into consideration All Equally as One.

Alright. So that’s the conclusion of my discussion with regards to the point of polarity in relation to Michael Tsarion’s work and some suggestions and considerations for him to have a look at that will most certainly in a practical way assist human beings in actual real self change. Because that is what is imperative here within this world within this existence, self change, actual real self change. Because that’s what we found is why nothing in this world is changing why everything’s worsening, intensifying and just, culminating and compounding. Where everything is getting greater and more intense both within and without; is because beings aren’t really actually changing themselves, they’re trying to change separate parts of themselves. So they are trying to change the ego or trying to be Good, but you can’t change the ego because the ego is not a separate manifestation, it’s not (over) there, it’s actually self.

I have to change me As the ego to really change. It’s not about only when to be Good because wanting to be Good and fighting for Good and living to be Good is perpetuating and compounding the opposite polarity which is Evil. Because both Good and Evil exist in direct relation to each other within self as self. Not self-stopping as Good and Evil but living in consideration of All Equally as One because in Equality and Oneness there exist no polarity because we are all One everything that exists. And the practicality of Equality and Oneness within which no polarity exists is Self-Honesty and Common Sense.

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