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Michael Tsarion Video Response 7: Save Yourself

13 April 2009

We’re continuing with Michael Tsarion and insights and perspectives into his work and findings and realisations and insights. Points that he discusses with regards to Self being an example, a model as he refers to it is on Mark. Where beings try and attempt to change others without first focussing on themselves. So, in essence what is being done through wanting to first help, save change others is ‘attempting to change self through others’ which is impossible, because, where does self exist?

Self exist Here. Not in a separate projected manifested design out there somewhere. Self is Here and as we’ve suggested as well it is to first focus on Self. First Change Self, because then you become a Living Example, and then you’re actually able to assist another as yourself.

From what perspective? – from the perspective that, let’s say you’ve walked through a particular experience, a particular situation. You’ve walked through that, you’ve seen, realised, insights and perspectives,  you’ve stood up from it and you’ve actually Changed. You’ll be able to assist another through their experience, through their process, through their situation, in being a Living Example from the perspective of making suggestions.

Say, You know what, I’ve been in this situation, this is what I’ve walked, this is what I found, this is how I stood up, and this is how I changed me. That’s all. That’s actually to the only point that one can assist another, because why? The other has to change themselves, no-one can change another for them, each one has to take Self-Responsibility for Self. And that comes through quite effectively in Michael’s work, which is very cool. Because many suffer from what we refer to as the saviour-syndrome, where everyone is trying to save everyone else without first saving self, so to speak.

And it’s fascinating what we found with regards to the saviour syndrome, is that we’ve always wanted to save others because we actually fear taking responsibility for ourselves. So, wanting to, trying to or attempting to save another is actually a method of hiding and suppressing Self-Change within the fear of taking Self-Responsibility for Self. So we fear actually facing ourselves, we fear facing the consequences within our reality and within ourselves that we have self-created and to kind of attempt, try to run away from that; we focus all our attention on someone else and kind of blocking our world and ourselves, within ourselves, away and…It’s fascinating because in that process of wanting to save another, and attempting to suppress facing our own consequences that exist within ourselves and our world, we’re actually destroying ourselves. Because we neglect ourselves, we neglect our reality that is ourselves in attempt to try and save another. And in that neglect, our reality, our world, ourselves literally go up in flames.

And within that were actually not assisting the other. Why? Because we’re actually doing it within dishonesty, within self-dishonesty. I mean, because its being done within the starting-point of wanting to hide away from self, its not actually done in Unconditional, Real Support, Unconditional Real Assistance for another as Self. It is done to try and save or present, even, the presentation of being a saviour while wanting to hide from facing self and self’s consequences and taking Responsibility for self and self’s reality and self’s world. And that’s why no-one can actually save another, because no-one is actually saving anyone. The whole saviour-syndrome, saviour-construct is done within dishonesty of hiding.

So therefore as we suggest as well is to take self-responsibility first and be a living Example. Because in that you really do unconditionally assist another as yourself. Because you’ve actually practically physically walked through situation/experience, you’ve proven to yourself you’ve changed and within that proof you become the living proof of self change. And the beings that you assist and support with regards to showing them how you’ve dealt with, how you walked through, how you’ve transcended the situation or experience; what you share with them is an unconditional sharing. They will have to make the decision of: Will they assist and support themselves to change or will they have to go through more experiences to inevitably get to that point of change. But inevitably they will either force themselves to change or be forced to change through their own will.

However, a point that came up is the idea or belief of ‘Free-Will’ that is justified in the light of: ‘Beings have the right to do what they want to do, as they please and as they will.’ That acceptance and allowance in others of ‘Oh they have the right to do as they want as they do as they please’; this was in the manifested constructed design of ‘Free Will’. Why I say manifested constructed design is because free will in essence we have found does not exist.

Here’s why.  That within the interdimensional existence we’ve walked quite a process with many beings; there are trillions, zillions of beings in the interdimensional existence. And we looked at this whole principle of Choice, of Free Will, Free Choice and within the next interview I will discuss our process and our experience as regards to Free Will, Free Choice, Choice in itself and how we literally disempowered ourselves within existing within such belief-designs, and how we realised that none of that actually really exist. There was actually more constructs, more systems behind which we hid, to continue existing in self dishonesty.

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